Floating Piece Published by elephant journal

The rapid pace of life we live today is not normal. My latest piece, published by mindfulness magazine elephant journal, describes a way to rest the brain and start anew from a place of clarity and calm. Thank you for reading and sharing!!!


Chocolate Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothies

One of my favorite shows, Chopped, challenges competitors to make delicious meals out of seemingly random ingredients. I am no chef, but I enjoy pretending I’m on the show when faced with a surplus of leftovers or fruit that’s a tad too ripe. 

Such is the case today when I opened the fridge and found a full container of strawberries that were not long for this world. I decided to whip up healthy protein smoothies for me and the boys and they turned out delicious!


2 cups of strawberries 

1 banana 

1 package of GoGo Squeeze Organic Strawberry Banana Applesauce 

1 scoop of chocolate protein powder

1/2 cup of chocolate milk

Ice (optional) 

Style Voice 

Today’s Outfit of the Day  is inspired by some of the things I love most. I have found that everyone has a certain style, whether they realize it or not. I lean towards a more classic vibe, lots of solids and block colors. Black and white are staples in my wardrobe, as is anything neutral.

With these pieces setting the foundation, you can add a trendier feel through the jewelry you choose or a color popping handbag. Even make-up can be used to complete the look and add variation to a go-to style uniform.

Shirt: Octavia

Jeans: Paige Jeans

Watch: MVMT

Bag: Louis Vuitton (Neverful MM Damier)

Coffee: Venti Americano 😂