Love in Marriage When You Have Littles


When my husband, Sam, and I first got together our love was easy. We’d go to dinner, get drinks, or jump in the car on a whim and go camping for the weekend. We knew that when we had kids, things would change, but didn’t really dwell on it. I had co-workers tell me to wait at least five years after we married before having kids, so that we’d have our own time to enjoy each other and our freedom. Of course, me being me, I did the exact opposite and…

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2 thoughts on “Love in Marriage When You Have Littles

  1. Parenting brings its own challenges into a relationship. However it doesn’t change the fact that couples are still husband and wife. Making time to just focus on each other is so important. I know that can be rough during the first year or two of having a child (I have 3 children) but I cannot stress enough how important this is. It is also during child rearing that small acts of love from a spouse can mean so much.
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